Oakwood Beach Cleanup

Along with City Parks Foundation and National Resource Protective Association, NYC H2O organized the Oakwood Beach Cleanup on October 16th, 2021. The cleanup lasted for 2.5 hours and had 120 volunteers participate. We removed 600 lbs of trash including two tires, a car engine, and a giant rope, making a significant positive impact on the surrounding area and creating a more welcoming environment for visitors.

Oakwood Beach and adjoining wetlands deal with a double-edged sword of being a secret to most of Staten Island. While the wildlife holds strong, the few people that are around, and the close proximity to a waste plant, brings in a huge amount of trash.

The site holds one of the highest density populations of Osprey seen on the Island – including Fresh Kills.

Thank you to Council Members Steven Matteo and Joe Borelli for sponsoring this program.

Oakwood Beach Cleanup Oct 16 2021