Before & After

On this page, you will find images highlighting the impact we have made on the Ridgewood Reservoir – Highland Park by working together with our community members and staff. Big shoutout to NYC Parks, to the NYC Council Members and foundations who sponsor our events, and to everyone who has supported us not only with donations, but spent many hours volunteering their time! 💧

JULY 2021 - Granite Bench Graffiti Removal

AUGUST 2021 - Granite Bench Graffiti Removal

JULY 2021 - Influx Chamber Brush Removal

NOVEMBER 2020 - Viewing Area 2 Clearing Brush and Phragmites from the Basin

NOVEMBER 2020 - Leaf Removal, Volunteer Landscaping

OCTOBER 2020 - Cornerstone Graffiti Removal

OCTOBER 2020 - Fence Repair East Causeway

MAY 2020 - Low Hanging Branches Removal

OCTOBER 2020 - Granite Bench Graffiti Removal

AUGUST 2020 - Tropical Storm Isaias Debris Removal

APRIL 2020 - Guard Rail Repair - Thanks to DOT for fixing it so quickly!

OCTOBER 2019 - East Causeway

OCTOBER 2018 - Viewing Area 1 Clearing Brush

OCTOBER 2018 - Influx Chamber Brush Removal

March 2018 - Traffic Lights Installed