NYC School Recycling Forum

Hunter College
January 19, 2012 6 p.m

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NYC H2O is conducting a forum on recycling in NYC public schools. NYC H2O’s school recycling survey established that there is much work to be done to improve recycling in NYC public schools. The goal of this meeting is to hear from people inside schools and field ideas about which practices work and which do not.  Based on these accounts and ideas we will create an actionable plan to present to the Department of Education and Department of Sanitation at a later date.

Everyone who thinks they have a good idea on how to improve recycling in schools or is just interested is invited including teachers, principals, custodians, parents and city officials.  To keep the meeting focused and concise, NYC H2O will create an agenda based on the best ideas it receives prior to the meeting. We would like to hear from schools that have had success in recycling and like to know which practices makes your school successful. We also want to hear from schools that need help and the steps that are needed to improve. Please submit comments and ideas simply by going to the contact page on this site.