New York City School Recycling Survey

November, 2011
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NYC School Recycling Survey   –  November 2011

1. What NYC Borough is your school in?

2. What is the name of your school? 

3.  Does your school Recycle?  (circle one)
            a. Yes
            b. No
            c. Not sure

4. If yes; What does your school recycle? (circle all that apply)
            a. Paper
            b. Cans
            c. Bottles
            d. Other
            e. Not sure           

5. If not; Does your school have a recycling coordinator? (circle one)

             a. Yes
                b. No
                c. Not sure

6. Optional: Feel free to provide comments or questions on the back of this page.

7.  If you are interested in attending discussions about the future of recycling in schools please provide your name and email.