Mariners Marsh Landscaping

Thankyou to the 8 delightful volunteer stewards who joined us on Saturday, September 9th to beautify the Mariners Marsh park entrance and one of the trails. Together we pulled weeds from the park entrance’s flower beds, removed vines from the fence, and spread mulch over a section of one of the park’s trails. 

Grateful for the sponsorship of the Staten Island Foundation as well as support from CM Kamillah Hanks. We’d also like to thank Friends of Mariners Marsh, NRPA and staff from Senator Jessica Scarcella- Spanton’s office for helping out!

We’d also like to share the illustrated history of Mariners Marsh compiled by Mariners Marsh Conservancy historian and local community member Bruce Brock. Truly a great read with lots of fascinating pictures connecting past industry within this natural area.


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