Flushing Creek Walking Tour

Saturday, April 20th at 4pm
​Saturday, August 3rd at 4pm

On Saturday, April 20th, Cody Herrmann of FlushingBayandCreep, and Steve Vazquez of Queenscapes led a casual photography workshop that focused on documenting the rapidly changing landscape, and the relationship between Flushing Creek and quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods.

​This walk took place in ‘the valley of ashes,’ as referenced in the novel ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and will trace City owned property under the Van Wyck Expressway. Attendees discussed water quality, local history, and plans for new development in Willets Point and downtown Flushing. The guides also demystified parts of Willets Point and Flushing Creek. ​
Cody Ann Herrmann is an artist and community organizer with an interest in participatory design methods, public space, and urban resiliency. Since 2015 Cody’s work has revolved around her hometown of Flushing, Queens, creating a series of projects critiquing policy related to land-use and environmental planning in areas surrounding Flushing Bay and Creek. She is the founder/creator of FlushingBayandCreep

FlushingBayandCreep is an unofficial field guide to the Flushing Waterways started in 2017 by artist Cody Ann Herrmann. FlushingBayandCreep communicates news surrounding the Flushing Waterways to the public, promotes waterfront access, and grassroots advocacy efforts.