Construction of Tunnel # 3

June 16, 2009
St. Jean Community Center

Did you know that New York City’s water comes from reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains 100 miles north of the city? The water travels to the city via aqueducts built in 1917 and 1935. In order to perform repairs and maintenance on this aging infrastructure without disrupting flow to the city a new aqueduct Tunnel # 3 had to be built.
Construction on Tunnel # 3 began in 1970 and continues until today. It is the largest infrasturcture project in NYC’s history with an estimated cost of $6 billion. When it is complete it will streach 40 miles most of which is being dug through the City’s bedrock 600 feet below the surface.
Come hear Scott Chessman PhD, a geologist and a sandhog who worked in the tunnel explain how sandhogs construct it.