Ridgewood Reservoir Community Meeting

Tuesday April 19 at 7pm
PS 89, 265 Warwick Street, Brooklyn

Results of the Ridgewood Reservoir Survey

Minutes of the April 19, 2016 Community Listening Meeting

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Ridgewood Reservoir in the fall

Please join us on Tuesday April 19th. We look forward to your participation in the envisioning of an exciting new future for Highland Park’s historic Ridgewood Reservoir. NYC H2O and its collaborating organizations are actively seeking input from community members to discuss future possibilities as well as present challenges around the Reservoir. The currently underutilized Reservoir has the potential to become a center for nature that will contribute to community involvement for years to come.

Over the last two years NYC H2O has led over 800 students on field trips to the Ridgewood Reservoir. This second listening meeting is being organized with the following community organizations: Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, Arts East NY, East NY Farms, North Brooklyn YMCA, Highland Park Ridgewood Reservoir Association, Community Board 5 Brooklyn, Community Board 4 Brooklyn, Community Board 5 Queens, the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, & the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Let’s come together to discuss a unique ecological resource for Brooklyn and Queens local residents. Let’s create better and safer access to the Reservoir to help realize its full potential as a natural asset to the many communities that use Highland Park.

If you haven’t already participated in our Highland Park – Ridgewood Reservoir survey please click here to do so.