Making Streams Visible

Sassian Stream Painting with

artist Stacy Levy

& the Gowanus Canal Conservancy

A panel discussion with Stacy Levy, Urban Explorer Steve Duncan, Geographer Edmund Diesel and Diana Gruber, Horticulture Manager for the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, will follow the workshop at 4pm.Though our cities may appear as solid concrete and brick and glass, under the thin veneer of streets and sidewalks owes an entire system of water that has traversed this landscape for thousands of years. European colonists to present day city engineers have attempted to tame these waters and put them underground. But water cannot always be stopped by brick culverts and iron pipes; many original streams still ow under the ground. Sometimes these historic
streams follow the human-made course designed to contain them, and sometimes these
creeks “go wild,” ending their own passage beneath the urban fabric. Stacy will work with Edmund Diesel and Steve Duncan to locate one of these historic creeks and make it visible with painted marks. These marks draw a temporary portrait of the stream’s course —making the presence of urban water visible for a day.

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