Lily Auchincloss Challenge Grant

September 30 2018

Join Us in Rising to the Challenge!

The Auchincloss Foundation awarded NYC H2O a matching grant: all donations received by September 30th will be matched by the Foundation, dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000. That means a total of $30,000 from the Foundation if we raise $15,000 from other supporters. Translation: $30,000 of free water ecology field trips for Title I students!

​We have raised $15,698 as of September 30.

YouTube video

For donations over $200, you will receive our Horseshoe Crab t-shirt.

​Plus, in keeping with the doubling theme, donations over $400 will be given a t-shirt and water bottle!

Our deadline is September 30th, 2018. Make a difference with NYCH2O and make your contribution count double

If you prefer to donate offline, please mail a check payable to NYC H2O to;
PO Box 20773
​New York, NY 10009

We gratefully thank all of our supporters:​

Michele and Jason Penzer
​Nick Reale
Nadia Anderson
Jennifer Kornder
Adam Green
Patricia Carson
Ellen Zielinski
Daniel Gildesgame
​Julia Loy
​Eric Dinallo
​Philip Gates
​Allan Frei
​Joe Rotberg
Linda Snider
​Mary Helfet
​Gabrielle Malina
Mark O’Neill
​Caroline Craig
Steve Nanz & Heidi Steiner
​Michael Holmes

Harvey Simon
Michael Miscione
Linda Millington
Catherine Fukushima
​Jennifer Haythe
Deborah Colson
Malcolm Morris
Judith Weis
Priscilla Almodovar
​Jeff Massey
​Adam Reich
Elisa Zazzera
Michael Kay
​Marcia Monteiro 
​Arcilia Derenzo
Karin Kincheloe
Kimberly Worsham
​Ellen Rosen
​Michael Passow
Bob O’Neil

Gayle Benson
Tony Rose
Gail Adis
Robin Lynn
William Aghassi
Barbara Campisi
Alicia Eames
David Cunningham
Alex Herzan
Stacie Printon
Phil Gates
​Janet Levoff
Patricia Hackbarth
Alex Wallau
​Elizabeth Albert
​Han Yik
​Alan Benewitz
Richard Benson
Elissa Sampson
Jim Scarcella

Wendy Brawer
Froma Harrop
Scot Rider
Hesta Fortang
Ted Mineau
Darren Sutherland
Eli Casdin
Neva Sharon
Jamie Jensen
​Robin Nagle
​Shannon Carr
Martha Chapman
​Charles Denson
​Bob Lesko
​Steve Jacobs
Leanne Burney
​David Levow
Janet Harris
Sarah Gallagher