Early Maps of Manhattan & the Evolution of the Collect Pond

“The earliest known survey of the Island of Manhattan and the only document recording the ‘layout’ of the little settlement of New Amsterdam that has down to us from the early period of Dutch occupation, is the Manatus Map, of 1639…”
wrote I.N. Phelps Stokes in The Iconography of Manhattan Island

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Notice the streams on the lower tip of Manhattan. The Collect Pond was connected to the East River and the Hudson River.​

Another great resource is Manhattan in Maps by ​Paul E. Cohen, Robert T. Augustyn

​The “Duke’s Plan of New York” 1664, British Museum
“This map, popularly known as the Duke’s Plan, was probably presented to the colony’s new proprietor, James Duke of York (brother to Charles II and himself later James II), shortly afterwards in the expectation that he would agree that the town be renamed New York in his honour. …”

Note: This is oriented with south on top.

​Castillo Plan 1660, New Amsterdam History Center
Jacques Cortelyou, Afbeeldinge Van de Stadt Amsterdam in Nieuw Neederlandt (The Castello Plan), 1665–1670, depicting 1660

​It is worth noting the canal on what would become Broad Street and the wall which would eventually became Wall Street.