Daylighting Tibbetts Brook

Friday February 19 at 7pm
Hunter College

Join NYC H2O as we celebrate Alligators in the Sewers Day with a special presentation.

Tibbetts Brook in the Bronx is one of many streams that once coursed its way through New York City. Like most of those streams, it was buried to be wastefully channeled into sewers and sent to sewage plants for unneeded treatment. Even worse, “real” untreated sewage overflows into our rivers and bays since rainwater frequently overwhelms these sewers. To mend this wasteful practice, the NYC Parks Department plans to “daylight” Tibbetts Brook.Once uncovered, this Van Cortlandt Park stream will be redirected away from sewers so as to spill into the Harlem River.

Join us for a triple bill. Urban explorer Steve Duncan will show us underground video and pictures from his adventures in Tibbetts Brook. Marit Larson, the Director of Wetlands and Riparian Restoration for the NYC Parks Department, will explain plans to daylight the Van Cortlandt Park stream to connect it to the Harlem River once again.
Borough Historian Michael Miscione will also recount the origins of Alligators in the Sewers Day.

The lecture is free but reservations are required. Click here to RSVP.