City Nature Challenge: Ridgewood Reservoir ID Walks

The two walks, Birds & Insects ID led by Ken Chaya and Plants ID led by Jocelyn Perez-Blanco, were attended by around 35 local residents as well as 15 students from PS 121Q on April 30th. Overall from Friday April 29th to Monday May 2nd, the Ridgewood Reservoir team and other park-goers recorded 377 iNaturalist observations. For context, Highland Park only had 1,237 total observations before Friday since iNaturalist launched in 2008. We quite literally put Highland Park on the map!

We found 12 different species of insects, 19 species of birds, and 61 species of plants. We also made important progress surveying the western half of Highland Park. Overall 112 distinct taxa were observed.

Click the link to view the observations made during the Ridgewood Reservoir BioBlitz during the international City Nature Challenge.

Map of the Observations made around Highland Park during the City Nature Challenge.