Silver Lake Reservoir Talk

Saturday March 1 at 2 p.m.
Noble Maritime Museum

Nineteenth century Staten Island was a popular vacation spot for both local residents and those beyond the county’s borders. The beaches attracted some, while others were attracted to New Brighton for its hotels. A quieter more remote vacation spot was located at Silver Lake. Here, a resort and hotel operated for those seeking quiet in the form of fishing and boating. After the consolidation of New York City, Staten Island residents and especially local naturalists called for the creation of parks in their new borough. Eventually the call was answered, and Silver Lake Park became the first City park on the island.

This presentation will focus on Silver Lake in the 19th Century, including commercial uses of ice harvesting, and the park’s establishment. We will also discuss subsequent improvements in the New York City water supply that led to the establishment of Silver Lake Reservoir as the end point of the Catskill Water System. Join us as we discuss one of Staten Island’s most fascinating locations!

Patricia M. Salmon is a historian and author. Her most recent book is Murder and Mayhem on Staten Island.

There is a suggested donation of $5 to the museum.